holidays 2006

The Ionian islands, off the western shores of Greece, offer unrivalled mountain biking, and, with enough trails to keep even the keenest mountain biker in awe, Lefkas has deservedly earned its reputation as one of Europe’s premier destinations. Even after all these years we find new and challenging options for our tried and tested ‘classic’ bike routes on the island. Blue skies, warm seas and a fantastic landscape greet everyone from early spring to late October and exploring off-the-beaten-track villages, secluded beaches and historic sites can still seem like a personal discovery.

Nidri – paradise off the beaten track
From our base in Nidri, a myriad of trails lead inland through lush olive and citrus groves to the mountains. Away from tourism within minutes, the mountain trails offer some of the best biking imaginable, be it meandering to the next taverna or hammering for budding world-cup downhill wannabes! Once the days riding is over, Nidri’s nightlife offers something for everyone, with a bustling quayside of lively bars and tavernas. There are a couple of discos to entertain the most hedonistic of holidaymakers, yet, within a few minutes walk, you can easily idle away an evening by a waterside or village taverna, soaking up traditional Greek ambience. Nidri also offers plenty for non-cycling friends and relatives and is ideally situated for island hopping and excursions. Great biking, Greek hospitality and a lively atmosphere ensure a truly memorable holiday.

For our centre based holidays on Lefkas, we offer hotel accomodation. The Avra Hotel houses our workshop and is quietly situated on the beach a short 5 minute walk from the village centre.

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Day 1
A gentle ride through shady olive groves helps us get in the Greek groove. After a taverna lunch we take a rolling coastal track for a plunge into clear blue waters.

Day 2
Hard and easy options today. A fair climb (on tarmac and offroad) offers fantastic views of Nidri, before a> superb descent down to a scenic taverna. A gentle afternoon includes single-tracks, the river challenge and a visit to Nidri’s waterfalls where you can enjoy a cool dip. As an extra Tuesday evening activity we offer skills classes at a local rate. Our experienced guides can teach you most skills including improving your downhilling, hill climbing and general trail craft.

Day 3
A day free for exploring. Why don’t you (and your bike) take a caique to Meganissi island for an authentic Greek (and virtually tourist free!) experience?

Day 4
Another fantastic offroad day. Another climb, another taverna lunch and lots of afternoon downhill options before relaxing with a chilled beer. This is the life!

Day 5
Less than 6 miles from Nidri is the superb beach at Mikros Galos and the choice of route (hard or easy) is yours. You’ll have time to eat, swim or simply chill before a leisurely ride home.

Day 6
Biking on Lefkas doesn’t get better. Great trails up to the White Church followed by a stunning downhill to lunch. It’s all downhill in the afternoon, so you’re guaranteed to be buzzing when it’s time to hit Nidri’s nightlife!