Brazil has so much potential, it’s difficult to know where to begin, yet its still virtually unknown territory for mountain bikers. We offer you a flavour of some of the best biking in South America, with two fantastic mountain ranges and a chilled (and well-earned) day or two by the sea!
Wilderness ways
Bocaina, Serra de Mantequeira,
Petropolis and Rio
We start our trip at Petropolis with its amazing jungle and natural forest tracks, before heading to the challenging Serra de Mantequeira and on to the unspoilt wilderness of Bocaina. Here in the beautifully remote Serra de Bocaina National Park we bike part of the historic gold trail. This is real wilderness biking, and, although not technically challenging, involves plenty of hard climbing rewarded by stunning scenery and long descents. Descending from Bocaina we spend some time at Paraty, a wonderful 17th Century colonial town preserved with its cobbled streets and countless churches, before heading up the stunning Rio coastline. To end on a high note, no trip to Brazil would be complete without a day in Rio, relaxing and sightseeing at Ipanema beach.

Just how often do you wake up to find yourself looking down on the tips of surrounding mountains poking through the clouds. A rare opportunity to stay in unique and secluded accommodation amongst truly breathtaking terrain. This trip is half board accommodation.

Day 1
Arrive in Rio. Transfer to Petropolis and take one of our favourite afternoon rides – a cracking good climb, including challenging single track, right from the hotel’s front door. Look out for real jaguar tracks on the way!

Day 2
We ride the famous ‘ Emperors Trail ‘, mostly off-road with some fantastic climbs, long descents and simply stunning scenery.

Day 3 Transfer to Serra De Mantequeira and enjoy a short afternoon ride. Day 4 Some of the best biking Brazil has to offer in beautiful rural surroundings. A 45km epic with two huge climbs but awesome scenery and descents.

Day 5
Transfer to the Bocanina Park plus an afternoon ride. Day 6 Serious biking as we climb some 35 km to a cosy pousada nestling at 1600m. Enjoy a late lunch rustled up on a traditional log stove and watch the sunset on the mountain peaks.

Two days dedicated to exploring some of the park’s best trails. Plenty of downhills and stream crossings as well as the chance to take a dip under scenic waterfalls. Enjoy truly amazing traditional food in our eco-friendly pousada in the remote but picturesque ‘Deer Valley’. And since the Pousada has only natural lighting there’s nothing to interfere with an awesome southern night sky.

Day 9
Prepare your legs for the toughest ride on the trip! Biking on undulating terrain through classic Bocaina scenery, we have some steady climbs and superb fast descents. 1650m further up, a cool beer and a sauna await at our pousada.

Day 10
First a mega 12km downhill, then a 17km descent through the woods, followed by your choice of a shortcut to the swimming pool or another 20km of undulating terrain through the best of rural Brazil. There’s chance to stop at a bar or two as we head to Rochinha and hitch a lift in the minibus to our pousada at Cunha.

Day 11
Start the day with a 500m climb and gasp at the view before heading downhill into coastal jungle and on to our charming pousada. Paraty is a great place to chill out, with plenty of local culture, ‘arty’ shops and restaurants. But those cobbled streets are a nightmare to walk on – even when you’re sober!

Day 12
A free day. Take a short boat trip to one of the nearby islands, or bike to a deserted beach for a swim.

Day 13
Early transfer to Rio along its stunning coastline. We can arrange a variety of ‘city tours’ depending on what you fancy. Not to be missed though is the Corcovado towering above Rio and the Sugarloaf mountain for its fabulous views at sunset.

Day 14

Fly home. With lots of memories.