2006 bikes

Ride the difference! Most of our guests own decent mountain bikes and bring them on our trips, but for those that don’t or could do without the added hassle of carrying a bike we have a solution! Our shop, www.SSHOKWAVE.co.uk, has dealt with the ‘’premium’’ end of the bike world since we started in 1985 and it’s easy to arrange the hire of a top model from us.

This season we will be offering bikes from Canada’s finest, Rocky Mountain and Cove, and top USA bikes by Turner, Santa Cruz, Yeti and Titus to hire for all our trips at an additional cost of £125 per week.

There are bikes included in the cost of your holiday in Greece, Tuscany, Sicily, Slovenia and Portugal from our local guides MTB shops. They will have suspension/disc brake bikes at these centres plus others as arranged with us. Over the seasons we have learned what works under the demanding conditions of our holidays. This, and our 21 years experience of mountain bikes in our shop www.SSHOKWAVE.co.uk means we have always sought out the best bikes!

Should you wish to use particular models and sizes from the shop, please give us plenty advance notice as special requests need organising for your holiday and we will do our best to provide you with the bike of your dreams! It is important to note, however, they are your responsibility when travelling overseas and any damage must be paid for.

There is no problem bringing your own bike these days on airlines, but there may be a small surcharge from some.

We offer no reduction when bringing your own bike to Greece, Tuscany, Sicily, Slovenia and Portugal but will organise a suitable private transfer. Please remember, your bike is your responsibility on the holiday and must be in good mechanical condition. If in doubt, we can offer a full service at our Nottingham shop, but please give us a week’s notice! Should anything fail we will try to repair it, or, at worst, point you in the direction of the nearest pro-bike shop. It is your responsibility to ensure it is well packed and insured and to inform the relevant airline that you’re carrying a bike.

If you’ve travelled with us before you’ll know the score. Our shop is SSHOKWAVE in Nottingham where we can offer you anything and everything that’s hot in the sport, from a pair of comfy shorts to a brand new full suspension super-bike! A full range of ladies and gents cycle clothing is available from leading manufacturers ‘Race Face’ and ‘Sugoi’ at special prices for your holiday – simply quote your booking reference. And having spent a week or two on the bike of your dreams SSHOKWAVE will happily make them come true at a Mountain Beach client reduction of 10%.