Crystal clar mountain air, spectacular wilderness scenery, piercingly turquoise lakes, glaciers, grizzly bears and few people! Welcome to the Canadian rocky Mountains. Straddling two provinces (Alberta and British Columbia) and two time zones, this magnificent range represents the true heart and sould of mountain biking.

From out base in Canmore our programme has evolved over the past five years, to offer the most comprehensive range of backcountry biking imaginable, in unforgettable surroundings. Experienced local guides pluse our regular members make sure you the best tracks (tracks the locals ride!) to give you real appreciation of the Rockies.

Thow in a smattering of awesome sightseeing (the Icefields Parkway is resuted to be the world’s most scenic dive) and some wildlife spotting (hopefully not too close to Yogi and pals!) and you’ve the perfect Rocky Mountain Experience.

Riding to the max – uphill & down
Ideally situated on the edge of the Banff National Park and Kananaskis Country, every kind of riding will be encountered and access to all the best trails is easy, especially with our large MPV to carry you and your bikes.

Favourite rides like Moose Packers Trail and the mind-blowing 6.4km desent from Cox Hill round off a fantastic holiday. We challenge you to find better tracks than these!

By the time we arrive in 2005, our locally based guides will have added to our growing list of back-country trails and the new ones are sure to be of epic propotions as we continue to search for superb single-track. With a World Cup course right on the doorstep, should you have any energy left, there’s something for everyone in Canmore!

And when the day is over Canmore is a great place to relax, with a host of great bars and restaurants catering for most tastes. Visit us in our evening office – the Grizzle Paw brew pub!

Day 1
To whet your appetite the Alpine Club trails offer miles of rooty and rocky single-track with fantastic river views. Lunch in Canmore and an afternoon exploring the Nordic Centre trails.

Day 2
Take the Goat Creek Trail to Banff with us. After lunch choose a technical riverside single-track home, or a bit of shopping before hopping in the van.

Day 3
Like climbing? How about 1 1/2 hours in granny ring at altitudes as we cross the Skogan Pass?! Then hold your breath for the downhill into Kananaskis village.
Or ride the van to some less taxing trails before an afternoon’s superb single-track.

Day 4
A free days to chill out, raft or bike again (but no-one’s had the energy yet!)

Day 5
Back in Banff for a ride to cure any hangover. enjoy the sights in the morning, before an afternoon’s tarmac climb, then a super fast gnarly descent of Mount Norway. Hold tight!

Day 6
Moraine Lake and Lake Louise – the most beautiful lakes in the Rockies. Unlike the other tourists we reach them via one of the best out-and-back single-tracks on the planet.

Day 7
Vehicle assisted day! we drive as high as possible up Moose Mountain, then bike down the awesome Moose Packers Trail – 10km of great single track.

Day 8
Kananaskis. A long climb to a fantastic single-track downhill from Jewel Pass. A killer climb after our picnic lunch, with even a bit of rockclimbing, before a long descent that makes it all worthwhile.

Days 9/10
A couple of days biking at Fernie, Panorama or the Kicking Horse Centre.

Day 11
Back to Kanaskis and Baldy Pass. An evil two hour climb (or an easier option) is rewarding with a view, a picnic and a super technical downhill.

Day 12
Take a breather between two tough days, riding in and around Canmore. But short, sharp climbs and super-gnarly downhills still require maximum concentration!

Day 13
Jumping Trail and Cox Hill – the ultimate. Unbelievably hard switchback climbs and rocky traverses lead to the 2300m summit. An alternative easier climb leaves you to one of the fastest and most challenging single-tracks on the planet. a world-class ride.